7 Ways to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview

Rejection After a Job Interview

7 Ways to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview

There’s no denying it, getting rejected after an interview can be disappointing, especially if it seems like the job was perfect for you and your skillset. To help with dealing with rejection after job interviews, here are seven ways to deal with this unfortunate situation.


Tip 1 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview: Give yourself time

The decision to hire someone often takes time. That’s why it’s important not to freak out if you don’t hear anything right away after an interview. Although most companies will at least follow up in person or by phone, others may take several weeks before offering you a job or rejecting your application.

If you haven’t heard from them in two weeks, give them a call and ask about their hiring timeline. They might offer valuable insight into how quickly they usually make decisions—and that could help put your mind at ease. Otherwise, just be patient and wait for further instructions.

In any case, resist contacting them multiple times or pestering your friends who work there for inside info. It’s completely understandable to get nervous when you feel like you did well in an interview but have no idea if a company wants to hire you. But even though it can be tempting to try and figure things out yourself, remember that patience is always the best policy.

Tip 2 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview : Don’t dwell on it

Don’t dwell on why you didn’t get it. It does no good. You got out there and tried, that’s what counts. Appreciate that you had an opportunity to interview for that job and that many people would love to have your skill set. Don’t take your rejection personally, you are not defined by what other people think of you.

Focus on new opportunities rather than dwelling on past ones. And remember rejection isn’t failure it’s feedback! Use it to propel yourself forward.

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Tip 3 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview: Start planning your next move

Accepting rejection is never easy, but it’s important to remind yourself that you are not defined by your rejections but rather, how you deal with them.

In fact, as Idris Elba  reminds us, “The problem with a lot of people is that, if they get rejected by a job they want or a person they like, there self confidence gets shattered in an instant because they don’t have an abundance mindset. You see when you have an abundance mindset and get rejected, its okay. Because you tell yourself tomorrowI will find 10 other jobs or I will meet 10 other people. You always have possibilities.”

Rejection After a Job Interview

Tip 4 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview: Talk it over with someone close to you

You could talk about your reaction and feelings of rejection after a job interview over dinner with friends or family. Your spouse, parents, siblings, partner, kids or close friend can help you look at things from another perspective and find ways to deal with rejection after a job interview.

You’ll feel validated and your mood will lighten up. It’s easier said than done but making yourself vulnerable for someone else’s opinion is one of the best ways to cope up from rejection after a job interview.

Rejection After a Job Interview

Tip 5 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview: Focus on the positives from your experience

Rejection After a Job Interview

Take some time after your interview and write down all of your strengths and great qualities that you presented. It’s easier for us to see our flaws than our strengths, so remind yourself of them! Look for how you can use these same strengths in future interviews.

When possible, always follow up with an interviewer via email or phone call thanking them for their time and reiterating why you are perfect for the job. Keeping your energy positive is crucial when dealing with rejection after job interview.

Tip 6 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview: Tell yourself you’ll find another way

When rejection happens, it’s normal to feel disappointed and upset. But don’t let these emotions get in your way of staying positive. This is not about you; there are many reasons why any one person can be rejected. So while you may have been told no, don’t forget that yes is out there waiting for you.

You just need to stay focused and determined. Remind yourself that all kinds of rejection are possible, whether at work or in life. If an employer rejects you today but still needs people tomorrow, he or she will remember your name when an opening arises.

Or if you think about dating if  someone turns down your request for a date today, chances are he or she won’t turn down another invitation sometime down the road. Don’t allow yourself to beat yourself up too much over rejection because it’s something everyone experiences at some point.

Tip 7 to Deal with Rejection After a Job Interview:  Remind yourself you’re not alone

Rejection is one of those things that seem very personal. It’s easy to feel as though your job interview was an absolute disaster, or the worst interview I’ve ever had. Instead, try reminding yourself that rejection is part of life and business  and not something to take personally. By making it less personal you can better cope and move on. 

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